Kayla Christopherson Has Experience On Her Side

Personal Records:

1600m - 5:18.61

3200m - 11:19.70

4K (xc) - 15:28.40

5K (xc) - 19:22.70

State XC 2016 - 6th Place

State T&F 2016 - 3200m 7th Place

State XC 2015 -  8th Place

State XC 2014 -  20th Place

State XC 2013 -  62nd Place

What sports did you play when you were young and which ones helped the most for cross country and track & field?  What is your height and weight?

I did get into a wide variety of sports all before I even reached the middle school; many of them being through at the Austin YMCA. I was in basketball, gymnastics, dance, soccer, swimming, and track and field. I do still play basketball, only now for Lyle-Pacelli.

Although track and field seems the most logical for being the sport that benefited me the most I would have to say basketball help me the most, at least on a mental scale. I did give up gymnastics for cross country, but it wasn't much of a sacrifice, and the sport I miss the most would be swimming.  I have a letter in basketball as well as some in cross country and track & field.  I am 5'3 ½" and about 100 pounds.

Annie and Katie Christopherson were great athletes for Austin Pacelli back in the 1970s and 1980s.  They both went to state in cross country, basketball and track & field.  Are they role models for you?

Katie and Annie were and still are great role models for me, however it was their basketball success that I am always reminded of. I do aspire to be like them, especially in track and field for they have some hard records to beat. Another inspiration for me would be my grandfather William Christopherson. He always enjoyed watching me play sports, when he passed away I wanted to continue doing them for him. I first got interested into cross country when the whole school had a send-off for Sarah Khale. As a freshman, Sarah went to state in cross country; I was in fifth grade at the time, and sports really started to become an interest of mine. When Sarah went to state I told myself I wanted to do that; I wanted to do that "Country thing," I said to my parents on a car ride home from school.

What is the enrollment at Austin Pacelli High School?

I do not know the exact amount of enrollment at Pacelli, but if I had to guess I would say around 100 students for both Pacelli's Middle School and High School.

Your coach must be a great recruiter.  How does he attract runners from the very few students at your school?

Coach Jim Parlin does a great job at recruiting new runners. He starts young; recruiting them the summer of going into sixth grade. However, sometimes it isn't enough. This past cross country season we didn't have enough for a girls team; in fact, we have only had one season were the girls team was actually a team since I've been participating in cross country.  Parlin's biggest emphasis is Head, Heart, Gut. This means run a smart race - (Head), run with a purpose - (Heart), and leave everything on the course - (Gut).