Elite Throwers Highlight Class A Field Events

The Class A field events are shaping up to feature some of the best matchups of the 2018 season. With multiple defending champions and a few all-time Minnesota records that are in jeopardy of being shattered, Class A is home to some of the best talent in the state. In fact, in some events, it appears that the depth and/or elite tier of the small school division actually exceeds that of its larger school counterpart. The matchups on paper should get any track and field fan itching for the season to begin: Gilbert vs. Algarin, Heitman vs. Woelber vs. Pierzinski vs. Powell-Smith, Moore vs. Weber to name a few. With such depth, the results appear unpredictable at this stage, and we can't wait to see who surprises and who triumphes this spring.

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