Tyl Wolber And The Quest To Break Six School Records


Personal Records:

110mH - 16.01

300mH - 46.26

4K (xc) - 15:03.40

5K (xc) - 17:54.80

Discus - 94-4

High Jump - 6-7   

Long Jump - 21-11

Triple Jump - 45-11.5


State Meet Results:

2017:  1st Place High Jump; 2nd Place Triple Jump; 2nd Place 4 x 400; 3rd Place 4 x 800

2016:  2nd Place High Jump; 5th Place 4 x 400; 8th Place Long Jump


Where were you born and what were your sports growing up?

I played football, basketball, baseball, and track & field.  In my 8th and 9th grade years I dropped football and ran cross country.  I also played tennis as a freshman.


What sports do you play now?  Have you been to state in any other sports besides track & field?

I play football, basketball, and track & field.  In football we finished second in state in 2015 and 2017.  Both times we lost to Caledonia.  We have been close to making in basketball.  This past year we lost in the section championship and finished with a 19-11 record. 


Who coaches you?

My Dad, Tad Woelber helps me with technique in all my sports since he was a three sport athlete in high school.  One of my first goals was to beat my dad's marks of 6-4 in the high jump, 21-0 in the long jump, and 38.8 in the 300 hurdles.  Currently I hold our school's records in the triple jump, high jump, 4 x 400, and the 4 x 800.  I plan to go after the records in the 300 intermediate hurdles, and the long jump this season.

Todd Texly is a former head coach who is an assistant now who is the sprint coach, an assistant jumps coach, and a coach who helps everyone with form.  Our current head coach is Todd Tinklenberg.  Erin Gordon is the distance coach and she leads all groups in the warm-ups. 

Trevor Teifentaller is the high jump, triple jump, and long jump coach.  Trevor is a young coach from Iowa is a lot like me in that he has gone through what I have as an athlete.  He played football, basketball, baseball, and track & field in high school.  He went on to play football at South Dakota State University.  Trevor is amazing in that he always seems to find the good in what I do in every event.


Have you had any adversities in athletics?

I am having trouble getting over 6-8 in the high jump in meets even though I have done 6-9 in practice several times.  I attribute this to mental difficulties. 


Has participating in so many events been a reason for this?

Other people have mentioned that possibility but my coaches have explained that competing in one event is the warm up for the next one.  The Pipestone Arrows have an excellent track & field team with great coaches and I do all I can to help us win.


What do you do for the mental training?

I spend time praying to God and praising him.  I ask for help before I jump.


Would you review the 2016 state high jump where you finished in second place?

Cade Johnson of Redwood Valley was my toughest competitor that year because he had jumped at the state meet the year before.  I had not and was nervous even though I had one of the best jumps coming in.  5-10 was my opening height and I made it on the first try.  The same was true for me at 6-1 and 6-3.  Then I missed my first two attempts at 6-5 before making it.  Johnson made his attempt at 6-6, but I went ahead and tried 6-7.  I missed all three attempts at that height so Johnson was the winner.


Would you please give us the highlights of your high jump win in the 2017 state meet?

I made 6-0, 6-2, and 6-4 on my first tries.  At 6-6 I made it on my second try and won it because everyone else was out by that time.  I then went after 6-7 and also made that on my second attempt.  I took all three attempts at 6-8 and was not able to convert there.


Who are your main competitors in the high jump?

A shout out goes to Zach Scholten of Hills-Beaver Creek, but it's a new year and it's impossible to know who will emerge.


Who would you pick as an outstanding teammate last year?  Who else helped you?

Justin Kooiman, hurdler-sprinter was a great captain, energetic, and the poster boy of nice.  He could keep things loose and yet be serious when it was time to be.  He was the best captain ever and it's hard for me to give all the reasons and explain why.

My parents Tad and Heidi Woelber sacrificed a lot, gave me money, drove me places, and told me no when it was necessary.  They did everything good parents must do.

How will Pipestone do this year?

We finished third in state last year and lost many seniors.  We might be down a little. Yet we have some good young athletes who have been on the team for a few years.  They should improve and I am one of the captains who will help them.


What do you do besides track & field?

Well I am a three-sport athlete which takes a lot of time but I do carry a 3.0 GPA, I lift weights, and also work for Trusspros which is a company that builds rafters for houses.

My Dad and I also play a lot of golf.  I often get in the high 40s for nine holes.