Jack Burt Can Always Do Better - An Interview

55m- 6.63

60m- 7.12

100m- 10.89

200m- 21.99

400m- 49.82


Give us a short biography of a younger you.

I was born on July 3rd, 2000 in San Antonio, Texas. I moved to Germany with my mother about a year after I was born for three years. I came back to St. Louis Park for kindergarten and first grade. I moved to Duluth when I was seven and have been at Marshall since sixth grade. Baseball was my first love in the sports world, but I had to pick between track and baseball for high school and I obviously chose the track. Football is still my favorite sport to play, but my high school disbanded their program after my 10th grade year. Since then, I've played soccer and basketball. I'm 5'9" and 170 pounds. 

When did you know you were fast?  Did you have ways to test yourself when you were younger?

As I said above, I loved baseball more than any other sport. I would hit inside the park home runs regularly and I loved playing center field. My baseball coaches told me I should consider running track so I tried it in seventh grade and haven't looked back. 

What adversities have you faced as an athlete or as a person and how did you solve them? 

My biggest adversary has to be myself. After races, no matter how well I do, even if it's a PR, I'll be disappointed. I will always feel that I can do better and that I always left something extra on the table. I've come to terms that I'll never be satisfied, but I have learned to enjoy success, even if only for a moment. 

How have your other sports helped make you fast?  

Football has been great for developing quickness and reaction time. It also helped develop my acceleration which has turned into my greatest strength. 

You are just now entering your senior year and are becoming a well-known fixture at the state meet. How have things gone for you over the years there?

I've been to State for the past four years. In 8th grade I qualified in the 100m. I don't remember that year a ton because I ran most of the year in middle school meets, and the section meet was only my second or third high school meet. I know I didn't make finals that year.  

As a freshman, I qualified in the 100m and 200m. I know I made finals in both of those, but finished 9th and 8th respectively. That was an exciting year because I was starting to feel comfortable running under pressure.  

As a sophomore I qualified for state in the 100m, 200m, and 400m. I made finals in all of those events and placed 2nd in the 200m. I decided to run all three open sprint events because I saw Jonathan Webb do it the year before. This was my first year running the 400m.  

Last year, as a junior, I qualified for all three open sprint events again. I made finals for all three and was 2nd in the 400m, 3rd in the 100m, and 4th in the 200m. Last year was by far my most disappointing season even though I had the best results. I couldn't stand the fact that I lost the 200m, my favorite event, and I felt that I didn't hit my stride all year. I never had the feeling of a perfect race. In the last race of that year, the 200m final at state, I ran a PR of 21.99 and that was after running two 100's, two 400's and a 200 over the weekend. It was a disappointing finish because it was the first time all year I dipped below 22 seconds and it came after a weekend of running.