Lauren Hansen Loves Sprinting - An Interview

Personal Records:

55m (in) - 7.37

60m (in) - 7.56

100m - 12.25

200m (in) - 26.43

200m - 25.27

400m - 1:00.18

Triple Jump - 36-1.25


MSHSL State Meet Record:

2017 4th Place 100 meter dash; 3rd Place 4x100 Relay (anchor leg)


Where were you born, and what were your first sports?

I was born in Minneapolis, MN. My first sports were dance, figure skating, skiing and soccer.  I replaced dance with gymnastics, took a 6 year break from soccer and then eventually focused on track & field and soccer.


What have been your high school sports and what accomplishments have you and your team had over the years?

I play soccer and run track. I have competed in both for all four years of high school. For soccer, I was on the varsity team this year and we won the section championship.  In the state tournament we won every game except the championship game to finish second in Minnesota Class A Girls.  It was our only loss of the year!


Who coaches you and how do they help you?

Justin McCoy (Orono Head Coach) - he has coached me for all four years of high school and he has helped me with tons of encouragement. JMac, as we call him, has always believed in me and known what I am capable of and pushed me to be better. He has been so effective with me because he knows be pretty well. 

Nathan Porter (Orono Sprints Coach) - he has coached me all four years of high school and helped me with handoffs and keeping me in line. Porter has been really effective for me because he has the same sense of humor as I do so we are always laughing, which I love to do. He knows me really well and always pushes for me to run a 400 which is something I don't do very willingly but he always convinces me to anyway. 

Bobby Crofutt (Orono Jumps Coach) - Bobby was my coach for three years of high school. Unfortunately, he was unable to return this year but he knew more than anyone what I was capable of and he was never shy about telling me to get out of my head. Bobby knows me pretty well which is why he was a good coach to me. Bobby mainly helped me with triple jump. 

Melvin Anderson (Maximum Impact Training) - Melvin has been my coach for three years and he has helped with all of my technique and starts. I really attribute a lot of my success to him. My other coaches were more focused on developing me as a person, but Melvin was in the business of making runners. I wouldn't say that he knows me very well, rather his methods of coaching are very effective.  Melvin once said to my mom "I told her she was going to the run the 800 and she hasn't stopped sprinting since."