Kinga Is Queen - An Interview

Personal Records:

55m (in) - 7.21

60m (in) - 7.80

100m - 12.28

200m (in) - 26.06

200m - 25.34

Long Jump (in) - 17-5

Long Jump - 18-5.5


MSHSL State Meet Record:

2017 8th Place 100 meter dash; 7th Place 200 meter dash; 8th Place Long Jump

2016 7th Place Long Jump


Where were you born and what sports did you play growing up?

I was involved in dance from age 5 to 13.  I also was in volleyball from age 11 to age 15.  But had to quit because of two concussions I had, and a family history of problems with them.  I got the concussions from getting hit with the ball.  It was hard to have to give it up because I loved the game and all the jumping helped my speed.


What sports do you play now?

This is my fourth year in varsity track & field as I started in 8th grade.  I also began weight training around that time but did not start to get into it until my freshman year.  My personal bests are 315 pounds in the deadlift; 225 in the squat; 155 in the power clean; and 120 in the bench press. 

Can you tell me about your coaches?

Our head coach at Rochester Century is Kris Allen.  Kris has coached at our school for many years and has won several awards as a coach.  She has always been one of my sprint coaches at Century although she does coach other events as well.  She reminds me on how to use my arms and to get my knees high.  She once said of me, "You are the only person that makes it look like everyone else is walking."  She also gives me advice before meets to focus on what I want to accomplish and not on other people.  She tells me to do this for every meet no matter how difficult or easy the competition because we want to make it second nature!

Kyle Riggott is our main jumps coach.  He was a track & field athlete in high school and played football for Minnesota State University-Mankato. He started as a volunteer coach and tended to come later in the season.  He is young and can still jump which helps because he can easily demonstrate what we should be doing.  He is a charismatic individual in that he is playful and high-spirited, and he always reminds me to have fun-even at the big meets like the Hamline Elite Meet.

Many people are way too serious during meets.  If a sport is not fun then why do it?  An example of what Kyle might do is when he would set up the gymnastics spring board in front of the long jump pit.  He would the lay down in front of it so that we had do jump over him!  (He was quick enough to move if someone came up short!)

Tim Arndt was an important sprint coach for me, especially in 8th and 9th grade when I was starting out.  Tim is a long-time coach who is very calm and quiet.  He takes the time to talk to individuals, and makes sure we are calm before practices and competitions.  You must get fired up but cannot be that way all day.  He teaches us how to calm down and get ready to focus before psyching up too much.