The Komet Of Many Nicknames - An Interview

Personal Records:

100m - 14.00

200m - 28.72

400m - 1:01 relay split

High Jump - 5-1

Triple Jump 33'6"


Do you have any nicknames?

I probably have more nicknames than anybody.  The announcers usually try to pronounce my name the way it's spelled and they say it with a question mark as in "Rechtizigel?"  So of course people call me that.  I also get called "Rectangle," "Rumpelstiltskin," and" Anorexisoris." My name is actually pronounced like "Rex-sigal."


Where were you born and what sports did you play growing up?

I was born in Rochester, Minnesota. My first sports were dance and basketball. By freshman year I was in volleyball, basketball, and track. Sophomore and junior year I participated in Cross Country and track.


What sports do you play now?

This year I decided to participate in track & field only, because of new restraints on my time.


Who have been your coaches at Kasson-Mantorville?

Eric Myran - Was the head coach for my 7th grade through 10th grade years.  He was mostly a sprint coach and did not claim to know anything about the High Jump which has become my favorite event.  However he did take videos of me jumping.  When Eric decided to leave for family reasons the entire K-M coaching staff had to change.

Pete Wyttenbach - He was originally a hurdle and middle distance coach and he certainly has always known a lot about those areas.  However when he was asked to coach the high jump too, he went to us the first day and said, "you know more than I do about this event." So what we did is to work together to learn one of the most technical events in track & field.  We did it mostly by watching videos of 2015 Komets graduate Taylor Wiebke, who is now at the University of Minnesota.  We also watched many You videos about high jump drills. Wyttenbach had the unenviable task of trying to repeat what the program did the year before with Wiebke, which was extremely difficult because she set the school record of 5'11" in the high jump and won the state championship.

Sean Allen - Came in during my junior year primarily as a sprint coach but had some high jump coaching experience.  Unfortunately he had to leave after only one season because of family commitments.  It would have been good if he could have stayed on.

Marie Morem - She has been my sprint and triple jump coach for two years. She's very kind, sweet, supportive, and informative. She's always there for her "kids" (being her 3rd grade class or any of her athletes) regarding personal circumstances, athletics, or anything else life can throw out you.

Jared Pittman - He was once the #1 ranked high school cross country runner in Minnesota.  He resurrected the cross country program for the Komets in 2014 and this year became the head coach in track & field as well.  He tends to concentrate on the distance runners but is also the high jump coach. I think he plans high jump practice ahead of time before the team meets.  We do have a pretty close relationship although outsiders would not know it because we are sometimes quite blunt with each other.