Alumni Focus: Josh Jarpey

Alumni Focus: Josh Jarpey

Josh Jarpey is a 2018 graduate of Centennial High School. He now runs at Winona State University. Here are some of his career highlights.


o  High School PRs: 800m (2:18.07), 1600m (4:44.32), 3200m (9:58.61), and 5000m (16:10.95)

o  College PRs: 1500m (4:06.81), 5000m (15:25.74), and 10000m (31:50.8)


Discuss the transition from high school competition to competing at the college level. What adjustments have you had to make in order to be as successful as possible?

 Throughout high school I never really thought I would be running in college. I had some very mediocre success my sophomore year running a 17:48 5k, but then my junior year I became severely anemic and found myself at the bottom of my school's JV team running well over 20 minutes in the 5k. It was the lowest of the lows. I really questioned if running was even for me. After 9 months off of running I decided to give it one last go before the summer of my senior year. I could barely even run 2 miles straight at this point, but I set the crazy goal of making it to state. It was a long process, but I ended up pulling it off and running 16:30 at sections to make it. This race showed me that I can make something of myself in this sport, and I knew I had so much more to give. I had to run in college. I wasn't recruited by anyone, so I started reaching out to coaches, and I was able to sign to run at Winona state. Ever since I stepped on campus, I knew it was the right place for me. The biggest thing I've learned to succeed is that running is a process, and to just enjoy the ride and take nothing for granted. I'm so happy and grateful to train in a place as beautiful as Winona everyday with my amazing teammates. Also, to take your easy days easy and your hard days hard. Too many people get caught up trying to prove themselves every day, and that is even something I struggled with my freshman year.


Tell us about your training regimen by giving a general overview of what goes into getting prepared for your next big event.

In high school I would do 20-30 miles, and in college I started at 50 and have progressed 5-10 miles each season to be at my current peak of 80 miles a week. My consistency has been the key to my success. Over the past 2 years I have not missed a single day due to injury and very minimal days due to sickness. Each season has built upon the next, and my PRs are dropping with it.


What athletic-based goals do you hope to accomplish during this upcoming year?

All American XC, NSIC conference champion, Griak individual champion, sub 14:30 in my upcoming 5k time trial. In high school my PRs were 4:44, 9:58, and 16:53 on the state XC course. Unfortunately, due to this pandemic I have been unable to get in any actual races this spring, but I am in by far the best shape of my life. I have run a 4:17 1600 and 9:03 3200 in the past few weeks with my main event, the 5k coming soon.


How has your training and schedule changed because of the current pandemic?

I'm fortunate enough to live with some of my teammates so we can train together everyday


Do you have any advice that you can offer an incoming freshman on how to best deal with the higher level of competition they'll encounter at the college level? Also, what tips can you provide regarding the balance between training commitments and academic demands?

Just enjoy the ride and be grateful for what you have. Don't overthink things or stress yourself out. In my experience being a student athlete has allowed me to manage time better and succeed better than my peers who have more time on their hands.