An Interview with Hopkins Alumni Joseph Fahnbulleh


It's not a preposterous statement to say that Joseph Fahnbulleh is the best sprinter that Minnesota has ever produced. He is a 2x MSHSL State Champion, the 2019 New Balance Outdoor Nationals 100m & 200m Champion, and the holder of the Minnesota state records in the 100m and 200m. 

Now running for the Florida Gators, Fahnbulleh has taken his sprinting to another level and is among the best in the world right now. We recently caught up with Fahnbulleh to talk about his college career, and what the future holds.

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Hey man thanks for talking to me again, how has your college experience been so far?

No problem it's always a good time talking with you. My college experience so far has been eventful, it's not going the way I wanted it to but I'm more than grateful for the direction it's heading. 

What are you enjoying most about being a Florida Gator so far?

The best thing about being a Florida Gator is you're surrounded by high-caliber people and a winning culture, you have a family. 

You currently have the second-fastest 200m time collegiately right now, how does it feel knowing that all your hard work is paying off? 

Number 2 doesn't mean anything to me. My hard work will not get paid off until I win a national title. Don't praise me for doing my job correctly. 

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You also ran an illegal 10.08 in the 100m that would've been the third fastest time so far this season collegiately, do you believe that you can run a legal time that fast?

I've run faster in practice, just have to do it in a meet with the right conditions. 

What are some of your goals for the rest of the season and how will you accomplish those goals? 

My goals for the rest of the season are to execute my race plan every meet and compete. Give it all every meet for my team and for Coach Holloway. Time-wise 19.7 & 9.8.

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You have gone to the line against Terrance Laird multiple times already this track and field season, do you consider him a rival of yours?

I've raced Terrance one time indoors. I consider Terrance a good friend of mine off the track, we always support each other and make jokes but all that goes out the window when the gun goes off. It's a rivalry that's constructive, at the end of the day we want to see each other be successful but we also want to be on top so we push each other. 

You had a breakthrough indoor track and field season that culminated with you finishing third in the 200m at Nationals and as runner-up at SEC Indoors in the 200m, how are you building off those performances this outdoor season?

Indoors was indoors, that's in the past. Don't care about what I did then. 

In the gator record book, you are chasing John Capel for the 200m school records. Do you think you can beat his records this season?

I'm not chasing anybody nor time. I'm going to have the 100m & 200m record before I leave Florida.

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You also happen to be running some of the fastest times in the world in the sprints, how does it feel to be among the best in the world?

It feels the same as if I were at Hopkins running. I'm running fast but at a higher level. I'm comfortable and this is where I should be

In your last Instagram post from the Florida Relays, you got shoutouts from Wayde Van Niekerk, Josephus Lyles, and Will Claye, how does it feel to get recognized by those world-class athletes and peers? 

I had no idea I was given a shout-out by Wayde, that's cool. It feels good to be recognized by other world-class athletes and peers. Again don't praise me for doing my job correctly.