Isabelle Schmitz Runs Her Way to All-Time Great Status


We already knew that Isabelle Schmitz was one of the best distance runners in Minnesota state history as evidenced by her two state cross country titles, her 3200m title from last spring, and her gazillion wins over her career. 

Now she has added some more impressive stats for her resume. 

Just this month, Schmitz has set new PRs in the 800m, 1600m and 3200m, taking another step forward and has sprung up the all-time leaderboards in all three events during her senior track and field season. 

At the Fairmont Sentinel Relays, she set a new PR in the 3200m with a time of 10:30.14, a time which ranks #1 in Minnesota this season and #22 all-time in Minnesota. 

At the WCC East Conference Championships, she set a new PR in the 800m with a time of 2:10.62, which ranks #1 in Minnesota this season and 14th all-time in Minnesota. 

Finally, most recently she set a blazing 4-second PR in the 1600m at the NLS Last Chance Meet, for a time of 4:48.45 , shooting up the all-time list from 26th all-time, up to 7th all-time. 

All-Time Minnesota Girls 1600m Times

1Elizabeth Yetzer4:41.48*2005
2Abbey Nechanicky4:44.00#2023
3Bethany Hasz4:46.342016
4Emily Kompelien4:46.362018
5Emily Covert4:47.342018
6Clare Flanagan4:48.412013
7Isabelle Schmitz4:48.452024
8Bria Wetsch4:48.3#2006
9Tess Misgen4:48.542015
10Shannon Bergstedt4:48.582004

* Denotes converted mile time - # indicates indoor 1600m/converted mile time
*Wetsch's time of 4:48.3 was a handheld time


With her three new personal best times in the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m, Schmitz ranks in the top 25 times of all-time in Minnesota and ranks among the great distance runners in state history. In the combined 800m/1600m rankings, Schmitz ranks 5th all-time, with all five girls being the only one sunder 7 minutes. In the combined 1600m/3200m, she ranks #12 all-time. 

There are no girls who rank better than Schmitz all-time in all three events. With the combined 800m/1600m/3200m time, only one girl ranks better than Schmitz and that is Lakeville North great Elizabeth Yetzer. 

800m + 1600m + 3200m Combined Top Times (All-Time)

Elizabeth Yetzer - Lakeville North High School2:10.774:46.1410:16.5915:02.73
Isabelle Schmitz - Hutchinson High School2:10.624:48.4510:30.1415:18.59
Emily Kompelien - Edina High School2:10.254:46.3610:43.6215:29.98

800m + 1600m Combined Top Times (All-Time)

Ruby Stauber - Wayzata High School2:03.434:51.686:55.11
Emily Kompelien - Edina High School2:10.254:46.366:56.61
Elizabeth Yetzer - Lakeville North High School2:10.774:46.146:56.91
Tess Misgen - Shakopee High School2:10.464:48.546:59.00
Isabelle Schmitz - Hutchinson High School2:10.624:48.456:59.07

1600m + 3200m Combined Top Times (All-Time)

Emily Covert - Minneapolis Washburn High School4:47.3410:06.1914:53.53
Elizabeth Yetzer - Lakeville North High School4:46.1410:16.5915:02.73
Abbey Nechanicky - Wayzata High School4:54.3410:09.5015:03.84
Analee Weaver - Stillwater High School4:49.5910:15.2715:04.86
Ali Weimer - Saint Michael-Albertville High School4:49.9310:21.4115:11.34
Clare Flanagan - Blake School (The)4:48.4110:23.0015:11.41
Bethany Hasz - Alexandria High School4:46.3410:26.4015:12.74
Isabella Roemer - Chanhassen High School4:50.3710:24.4715:14.84
Shannon Bergstedt - Hopkins High School4:48.5810:26.8215:15.40
Lauren Ping - Cotter Schools4:50.6410:25.1215:15.76
Bria Wetsch - Holy Family Catholic High School4:49.4210:26.4115:15.83
Isabelle Schmitz - Hutchinson High School4:48.4510:30.1415:18.59

Schmitz's incredible achievements this season have only further solidified her legacy as one of Minnesota's all-time great distance runners. With new personal records in the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m, she has soared up the all-time leaderboards and currently holds the top spot in the state for all three events this season. Her performances at the Fairmont Sentinel Relays, WCC East Conference Championships, and NLS Last Chance Meet have not only demonstrated her versatility and endurance but also positioned her among the elite in Minnesota's track and field history.

As she concludes her senior year, Schmitz's remarkable times in the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m have placed her in the top 25 all-time in Minnesota, ranking 5th in the combined 800m/1600m and 12th in the combined 1600m/3200m categories. No other female athlete has achieved a higher combined ranking across all three events. With her outstanding accomplishments, Isabelle Schmitz has etched her name alongside the state's greatest distance runners, with only Lakeville North's Elizabeth Yetzer surpassing her in the combined 800m/1600m/3200m rankings. Schmitz's legacy is one of determination, talent, and historic success, inspiring future generations of runners in Minnesota.