Milaca Mega Meet 2018

Milaca, MN

Meet Information

Milaca Mega Meet Spectator Information

Welcome family and friends to the 48th annual Milaca Mega Meet. The Milaca Mega Meet hosts on average 150 schools and more than 5,900 cross-country runners, at Stones Throw Golf Course in Milaca, MN. This event is free for all Spectators and organized by friends and family of Milaca High School we all hope you have a great day!

Cross Country Spectator Courtesy:
- Know the course and stay out of all runners paths
- Golf greens are made with special soils and grasses and are sensitive to wear and damage. Please stay off golf greens and sand traps.
- As a safety precaution no pets are allowed at the event
- Frisbees, Footballs etc really dont have a place at a CC meet. Please keep them in the bag or car.

Observation points for the race: Probably the best place to see the runners starts out at the straight area about 300 meters from the start line. The runners will pass by there twice. After the second pass, walk about 200 meters north and the runners will cross over heading to the back half of the course. Then walk back to the finish area to see them run into the chute.

Event Schedule:
10:00 8th Grade Boys 3200 Meters
10:15 8th Grade Girls 3200 Meters
10:30 7th Grade Boys 3200 Meters
10:45 7th Grade Girls 3200 Meters
11:00 9th Grade Boys 5000 Meters
11:15 9th Grade Girls 5000 Meters
11:30 10th Grade Boys 5000 Meters
11:45 10th Grade Girls 5000 Meters
12:00 D4 Boys (Sm Sch) 5000 Meters
12:15 D3 Girls (Med Sch) 5000 Meters
12:30 D2 Boys (Lg Sch) 5000 Meters
12:45 D1 Girls (XL Sch) 5000 Meters
1:00 D3 Boys (Med Sch) 5000 Meters
1:15 D2 Girls (Lg Sch) 5000 Meters
1:30 D1 Boys (XL Sch) 5000 Meters
1:45 D4 Girls (Small Sch) 5000 Meters
2:00 JV Boys 5000 Meters
2:15 JV Girls 5000 Meters
2:40 Alumni race 3200 meters ($2 entry fee) (Participants must be an alumni of something)

Varsity Trophy and Medal presentations:
12:45 Varsity A Girls
1:00 Varsity AA Girls
1:15 Varsity AAA Girls
1:30 Varsity AAAA Girls
1:45 Varsity A Boys
(No awards will be given during JV or Old Timers Races)
3:00 Varsity AA Boys
3:05 Varsity AAA Boys
3:10 Varsity AAAA Boys
3:15 Co-Ed team trophies for A-AA-AAA-AAAA Awards

Course Map:

All donations in support of the event will be greatly appreciated.

For More Information, visit the meet website.