PREVIEW: 10 Class A Girls Teams Who Hope To Gather Hardware

It was the tightest Class A girls team competition in years in the fall of 2016, as two teams coached by legends of the sport, and with long and impressive track records, duked it out. But in the end it was the underdog who came out of the two-horse race on top as yet another team was unable to defend their title, something that hasn't been done in a decade. Behind them is a plethora of youth.

A staggering six out of the sixteen teams did not run with a single senior at State, and four more featured only one. In short, the potential contained in Class A is at or near an all-time high, and this team competition might be the most unpredictable of any class and gender. Can the champions defend? Can the runners-up return to the top? Will the victims of a shocking Section upset make things right? Or maybe one of the all-underclassmen teams will use their experience and camraderie to steal the thunder. Whatever the scenario, it will be thrilling, and here are ten teams who will be in the thick of it.