Washburn Set To Dominate And Polar League Set To Chill - Wednesday Meets

Polar League Conference

Location: Pincushion Mountain, Grand Marais

Weather: Mostly sunny, high of 61; mid-50s around race time


Top Teams: Esko (45), Moose Lake/Willow River (48), North Shore (64)

Top Individuals: Wyatt Rauvola (Cromwell, 16:27), Ethan Olson (Moose Lake, 16:29), Jake Paron (North Shore, 16:51), Joshua Kemp (Esko, 17:05), Cameron Dickey (Cromwell, 17:16)

The Skinny: Interesting team battle here. North Shore had an impressive win at Swain, and the win here could go to any of the three (Esko, Moose Lake, or North Shore). All three are ranked in single A and it will be an interesting look into where these teams are at heading into the championship part of the season! The individual battle is a little tricky here. Wyatt Rauvola has the top time, however he is competing against two of single A's top runners from the 2016/17 track and cross country season. Jake Paron finished strongly at state track, and Ethan Olson is one of class A's most consistent runners. He has shown great consistency over the last year and will likely begin to peak for these final few races.


Top Teams: North Shore (39), Moose Lake/Willow River (60), South Ridge (67), Esko (67)

Top Individuals: Darionna Campbell (South Ridge, 21:01), Nelly Helberg (Esko, 21:37), Coriella Sheetz (Moose Lake, 21:37), Autumn Smith (North Shore, 21:42), Maya Mchugh (North Shore, 21:59)

The Skinny: North Shore should take the win here fairly comfortably based on this season's performances. Moose Lake will compete with South Ridge and Esko for the remaining two spots on the podium. Darionna Campbell has the fastest time entering the day and could use the favorable conditions to break the 21-minute mark. A very close race for the top 5 or so spots will be contested by a series of 3 girls from North Shore, Autumn Smith, Maya Mchugh, and Cedar Gordon. Kelli Granquist of McGregor and Anabel Marotz of North Shore could throw their names into the ring as well.