One More Massive Day - Thursday Sections

Today is the last biggest day of the season.

Of course, that said, there are big days in terms of importance coming up. The State Championships for one is what many of the athletes running today have been gunning for all season. And then there is the Nike Heartland regional in Sioux Falls, SD, which is growing more and more year after year as more teams and more athletes are eager for the experience and plan their season's end around it. But as in terms of having a large number of meets all over the state, today is it. 

After two impressive and memorable section competitions yesterday with some of Minnesota's most elite teams, thirteen more section competitions will take place this afternoon (or, in the case of Section 7A, this morning) and will decide over 80% of the field for next Saturday in Northfield. With so many meets and such high importance, we threw together one last article to preview each and every competition taking place today. 

So without further ado, check out that to expect when the gun goes off for the last time in many runner's seasons...