Workout Wednesday: Controlling Chaos In Willmar

In this week's edition of Workout Wednesday, we traveled to Willmar for one of their essential workouts, mile repeats. With nearly a hundred runners, boys and girls, sixth-grade through high school seniors, running at once on a dirt track in the rain, it is a beautiful exhibition of organized chaos from one of Minnesota's most storied programs.

The Workout

Four* Mile Repeats @ PR race pace (minus five seconds)

Three minutes rest

*Runners will run up to two additional reps if they fail to hit their pace

Full Interviews

Head Coach Jerry Popp - Pre-Workout

Senior Amel Dayib - Pre-Workout

Seniors Leah Hansen, Sophie Schmitz, and Serena Monson - Mid-Workout

Hudeife Mire and Fuad Bashir - Mid-Workout

Assistant Coach Dave Rudie - Mid-Workout

Harley Anez, Cael Carlson, and Mateo Marin-Mera - Post-Workout

Head Coach Jerry Popp - Post-Workout