A Hamline Glimpse: Who's In Line To Qualify?

The biggest April meet in Minnesota will be taking place in just five days, gathering together the very best the state has to offer in every event. But it is also the most exclusive meet that takes place every season, harder to get into even than the State Championships, and like an NCAA Championship Meet, waiting to see who will get in is almost an event in and of itself. So we decided to take a glimpse at meet's current possible qualifiers.

We gathered the top 30 marks - indoor or outdoor - in every event from the MSHSL performances in our database (which include nearly every single FAT-timed meet in the state, and a majority of handheld-timed meets), and were able to establish current cutoff marks for each event. With just two more days for athletes to run a mark to qualify for Hamline, and virtually every team in the state competing on one of those two days, there is a lot that could change. But one thing that is for sure is that great athletes achieve great marks, and these marks (to the best of our knowledge) are are currently the best marks Minnesota has to offer.

Field Sizes:
100m - 18
200m - 9
400m - 9
800m - 9-12*
1600m - 12-16*
3200m - 12-16*
100mH / 110mH - 9
300mH - 9
4×100 - 9
4×200 - 9
4×400 - 9
4×800 - 12*
LJ - 12
TJ - 12
HJ - 9 plus ties
PV - 9 plus ties
SP - 12
DT - 12

Check out the current (potential) cutoff marks and who's in line to qualify for the Hamline Elite Meet!

Boys                Girls

*field sizes with an asterisk allow for meet management to shift field sizes depending on the closeness of the entered times.  If an event is very close, we will try to get the athlete or relay into the meet if the event will allow it safely.

**note that MSHSL rules limiting the number of events an athlete can compete in are still in place, and these lists make no assumption as to what events an athlete will compete in. Thus, some athletes may appear on these lists, either individually or on relays, for more than the allowable number of events.

***For more information regarding entries or the entry process, visit the Hamline Elite Meet Website.