The Hamline Elite Meet: What To Expect

In 2006, Hamline University decided to put together a special event hosted at its new state-of-the-art, nine-lane, Mondo-surfaced track at Klas Field in St. Paul, MN, inviting all the top athletes so far that season to compete against each other.

The event was a success and helped convince the Minnesota State High School League in 2007 to move the state track and field championships from their then home at the Blaine National Sports Center to their current location at Hamline University.

Each year since, the tradition of collecting the state's top talent has continued, and today the meet is cemented into the culture of high school track and field as second to only the State Championships' reputation. The top athletes are separated not by class, qualifying standards, or qualifying races, but instead only by their skill.

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With the weather being a lot kinder to Minnesota athletes than it was in a record-setting snowy April of 2018, the picture is a lot more clear coming into the meet than a year ago in terms of the shape of Minnesota's top athletes and who are the ones to watch out for. After 2018 yielded just three meet records, prospects look a lot brighter for great performances. And while a number of injuries have definitely taken their toll on some on Minnesota's top talent and will prevent a number of past Hamline champions from returning, there are just as many future stars and breakout athletes who will make their mark at the state level for the first time.

Hamline Elite Meet Entries

Who are the athletes to watch out for? What record could go down? We've got each event covered here. Check out everything you need to know about the 2019 Hamline Elite Meet!

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