Athlete to Watch: Virginia High Schools Cameron Stocke


What are some of your goals for this outdoor track and field season?

I have some big goals for this season.  I would love to win a state title in whatever event I enjoy the most this year, and I would really like to focus on getting my 3200 and 1600 PRs down lower to match my 800 and 400 PRs.

Are you more motivated to excel since last year's track and field season was canceled?

I am definitely more motivated to succeed this year since last year was canceled. Track is my favorite sport, and now that it is back, I think the season will be extra special.

When last year's track season was canceled, how did that affect your training?

The canceled season really had me questioning what I should train for.  I didn't know if I should try some time trials or just put in a huge base for xc.  In the end, I started training for xc in the spring.

What have you been up to since we last saw you on the track?

Over the spring, summer, and last fall I was just putting in a good base for xc season and trying to deal with online school.  This winter though, I have been playing basketball in addition to running.

What are you most looking forward to this upcoming season?

I am just super excited to compete again.  Running at faster speeds like in the 800 and the 400 is just so much fun.

Do you have aspirations to run in college?  If so, has the recruiting process begun for you yet?

I would love to run in college.  I feel like if I chose to run in college, I could improve a lot and I am excited to see where my limits are.  Also, I have begun the recruiting process, and I am excited to continue learning about different colleges.

What is one accomplishment from your high school running career so far that you are most proud of?

I think my 3rd place finish in the 1600 in 2019 is what I am most proud of.  Not many kids in my school in any sports go to state, so to get third at state was very special to me.

What is something you would like to accomplish before the end of your high school running career?

I have big goals for my running career, and I believe that I have the tools that it takes to accomplish those goals. Two of my biggest goals however are to qualify and race at NXN and the Brooks PR Invitational before I graduate.