Claire Johnson

Ask The Doctor: Anemia In Athletes Claire Johnson Dec 8, 2017

Dear Doc, over the past few months, I have felt more tired than usual. It’s harder to wake up in the mornings for school and I feel like I can’t recover from running. I have not changed my training and we are entering the off season but no matter what I try, I still feel so tired. I thought that maybe it was my diet, so I stopped eating meat several months ago but it seems to be getting worse. What can I do to feel better?

Fit Runner: Post Race Hydration and Nutrition Claire Johnson Nov 11, 2014

What’s your routine after daily training? Maybe an Ice bath and home to shower eventually getting a snack or dinner? What do you usually do in the first 30 minutes after a workout? Scientific research shows that those minutes are the most important for your recovery and future health. Studies have shown that the body is most receptive to rebuilding glycogen (stored glucose – energy) stores within the first 30 minutes of exercising. 

Ask The Doctor: The Female Triad Claire Johnson Oct 29, 2014

In this edition of Ask The Doctor we discuss the female triad. It's a topic that is common, but often goes untalked about. Dr. Johnson answers some commonly asked questions and gives her tips for better health.

Fit Runner: Hip and Glute Strength – The Runner’s Core Claire Johnson Oct 14, 2014

When thinking of core, we often focus on strengthening the abs. Strong abs do help to stabilize your pelvis, but the true core of a runner is in the hips and glutes. Strong hips and glutes are the powerhouse of a runner and prevent many injuries below the hips down to the knees, iliotibial bands, Achilles tendons, shins and the feet. If you’ve ever injured a glute or hip muscle, you realize the important role they play.

Ask The Doctor: How Do I Know If I am Injured? Claire Johnson Sep 25, 2014

Hello FLRunners! I was super excited to be asked to write the Ask The Doctor and Fit Runners series. I’ll have a new post every other week. As a runner for the last twenty years and the mother of two high school runners, it’s my life! I’ve run all distances from a 5K to a 100-mile race (with 50-mile races being my favorite) and on many continents from flat roads to Florida trails to mountains. During the day, I work as a physician and on some nights, I teach yoga.