Great Scott! - An Interview

(Photo Provided by Grace Scott)

Personal Records:

100m - 12.50

200m - 25.88

400m - 59.92

4K (xc) - 16:36.20

5K (xc) - 20:46.50

High Jump - 4-10

State 2017 - 100m (5th), 4 x 100 (7th)

State 2016 - 200m (10th)

State 2015 - 400m (8th), 4x400 (10th)

Where were you born and what sports did you play while growing up?

Born in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and moved to Naples, Florida in 3rd grade.  We returned to MN in 2014 before starting high school at SWCHS. I started out in basketball and soccer at a very young age and I picked up cross country because of my speed along with my dads love for the sport. 

Who has coached you and how did they impact your life and sports participation?

My earliest coaches included Rob Kantner (HS cc and track coach) and Billy Sparacio (HS track coach) at First Baptist Academy where I ran cross country and track in grades 6-8. Both encouraged me to join the varisity cc and track teams respectively and inspired my love for the sports. They also taught me the importance of giving the glory resulting from my running to the Lord because he has blessed me with my talents.

CJ McMunn has been my sprinter coach all throughout high school and has really helped show me how much hard work pays off. He's always so encouraging and has taught me the importance of track as both a team and individual sport.

Lastly, my supporter from the very beginning is my dad, Jay Scott. He had alternated between being my literal coach and my coach at home through elementary and middle school. This past year he was able to take on a coaching role for the track team at SW. My dad knows how to push me to my limit in practice while also inspiring me to be a good role model and leader for my teammates. 

It is impressive that you have the ability to excel in such a wide range of events.  You appear to be able to compete with the best from the 100 to the 5K cross country run. In addition you high jump very well.  Why are you able to do that?

I can't take any credit for the physical gifts the Lord has given me, but I do enjoy participating in a variety of sports. Track & Field gives me a great opportunity to try different events, which makes the training for them more enjoyable.

(Photo Provided by Grace Scott)

What is your best event?  What is your favorite event?  Do you like relays or individual events the best?  Why do you feel this way?

My best events are probably the 100 and 200 because I'm quick out of the blocks and have strong acceleration. My favorite event would have to be the 200 because the 100 sometimes feels like it's over too quickly. I also enjoy running the curve and love the thrill of the sling shot. Honestly, I can't really decide between individual events and relays because the personal pressure I place on myself to win and the competition of the open races is just as thrilling as the team pressure and adrenaline rush I have running with my teammates during the relays. 

Who are key teammates for you? Where are they during the meets?  Do they stand on the sidelines and cheer for you?  How do they help you the most?

Shelby Henke has been a great leader and role model for me and our team. We run most of the same races and get the opportunity to train and compete together. She has really helped me elevate my game. Maria Streed has been a close and dear friend and we've trained together in both cross county and track. She has been a great supporter of mine.             

There are a lot of techniques in track & field.  What else do you do in addition to listening to coaches, teammates, and opponents?  Do you watch videos, go to clinics, etc.?

I am a member of the Park Flyers track club team which I train and compete in during the off seasons. 

Who are your main rivals?  Do you have friendly relationships with them?  Name some of your favorite opponents?

This past season I had a friendly rivalry with senior Emily Willenbring (Holy Family) in the 200m. We both pushed each other and each took our turns winning. Another competitor of mine is Shelby Henke (senior), my own teammate. We always compete in our workouts at practice and push each other to get PRs. We also ran the 4x400 together my freshman year and the 4x100 together this past year. Our rivalry is definitely friendly; I'm really going to miss her next year as both a teammate and a role model.   

Are there college or professional athletes that you follow or admire?  Please name them and tell us why you admire them or watch them.

Although it's a common answer, I have the biggest admiration for Allyson Felix. She inspires me both on and off the track with, of course, her speed and especially her faith.

What is your height and weight?  Is that an important factor for you in competition?  Do you regulate your weight during the season?

I am 5-10. I don't usually keep tabs on my weight or height during my track seasons as they've never been complete game changers for me. If anything, my long legs combined with my quick turn over help me gain more distance in a shorter amount of time. I do, however, keep track of my diet during the season, avoiding gluten and sugar.