Moore Shots, Moore Discs - An Interview

    Photo provided by Samuel Moore

    Personal Records:

    Discus - 188-4

    Shot Put - 59-11.75

    Class A State 2017 - Shot Put Champion, Discus Champion

    Class A State 2016 - Discus (7th)

    Class A State 2015 - Discus (4th)

    Class A State 2014 -Discus (8th)

    Where were you born and what sports did you play growing up?
    I was born just miles from Verndale, MN, in Wadena, MN. I played baseball, football, and basketball, but at 4th grade I switched from baseball to track and field. I believe my selection of my sports have a good balance for training in strength and speed, which has helped me become as athletic as I am now.

    When did you get involved in Track & Field?
    I became involved in track when I was born. My dad has been the head track coach for twenty years. I have been around track my entire life, but I started participating in practices in fourth grade.

    What sports do you play now on the varsity level?
    I have only played football and track in high school. I am going to play basketball my senior year. I have lettered in track for 5 years, and in football I have lettered 3 years. This last year our track team got second place in our sub section and tied for third in the section. My freshman and junior years our football team got second place in the section.  This past year I played tight end and defensive line and caught 5 passes for nearly 40 yards despite having a broken hand the last games.  I am number 55.

    Which sport has helped you the most for throwing?
    I would say that football and track have a lot of weightlifting in common; I believe that is why I have done so well in both of these sports. I believe my confidence comes from how comfortable I am in the track community. I have made friends all over the state, and some from even other states. I know almost any thrower in my conference, and many friends that are graduating and leaving the track community. During the last winter, I spent recuperating from breaking my hand in football. I lifted nearly every day because I had lost a lot of weight and muscle mass during the last month of football.

    Who coaches you?  How have they influenced you?
    My track coach is my dad, Jeff Moore. After my seventh grade year in track I started going to a track clinic held by Gustavus Adolphus throws coach, Tom Thorkelson, and since then I have gone every year to his clinic. These camps have helped me incredibly. I have also attended multiple throwing camps at NDSU with throws coach Justin St. Clair. Both of these camps have been very helpful in my throwing career. I will also continue my throwing career at NDSU next year. My dad has been with me at all these camps and through every season, which has helped me to no end through my high school career.

    What techniques do you use in the shot put?
    I use the glide technique. I used to use the rotation in shot put, but I couldn't get it down this year so I resorted to the glide technique.

    What about the discus?  How did you start out throwing it?
    My length and lanky arms helped me when I was younger. Since then I have much stronger and therefore my shot put numbers have increased dramatically. In 4th grade I started throwing, and I started with the half spin throw in discus. I picked up on throwing very well and was able to proceed to full throwing in 5th grade.