Motley To The Max - An Interview

Photo provided by Max Giza

Personal Records:

  • 110 Hurdles: 15.28
  • 300 Hurdles: 39.27
  • 400 Dash: 51.0 (relay split)
  • Decathlon:  5125 points
  • Class A State 2017: Pole Vault (3rd), 300 Hurdles (9th)
  • Class A State 2016: Pole Vault ( 7th)

Where were you born and what sports did you play when you were young?

I was born in Staples, MN. I played football, basketball and baseball when I was young. Basketball has helped me with my speed and quickness. This has carried over to help make me better in the pole vault and hurdles. I started pole vaulting and hurdles in middle school.

 What is your height and weight and what position do you play in basketball?

 I am 6'3" and about 165 pounds.  Our positions are not numbered but you could say that I play center/forward/or post.

 Have you had to overcome any obstacles as an athlete?

The most difficult thing that I had to overcome in track was tripping over the second to last hurdle in the 300 hurdle finals at state this past spring. It was disappointing as I was in second place when I fell. I will have to work on the hurdles more in the off season so hopefully this doesn't happen again. I look forward to having a better performance in this event in the 2018 MN State Track & Field Meet.

Who are your coaches and how have they helped you?

Bruce Fuhrman who is the girls head track & field coach and also an assistant basketball coach, motivates me to be the best athlete and teammate that I can be in all my sports.

Coaches Cory Asfeld and Marley Simmons really work with me on my starts, hurdle technique and how to run each race. They've shared their collegiate experiences with me and that has helped me understand how to approach each event.

Ron Beachy introduced me to pole vault and hurdles when I was a 6th grader. I knew he had coached for a long time and he was able to see that I had some ability to do these events. He was an excellent teacher of technique which laid a solid foundation for me.

Soon after those years with Beachy, Marley Simmons helped me with sprinting and hurdling in my 9th and 10th grade years.

Tony Spandl, and his son Brock Spandl, who was an all-american decathlete at the University of Minnesota, have been available for me with many events during the season and in the off season. They also got me interested in doing some USA Track and Field Decathlons this summer. They were great at teaching me all of the new events for the decathlon I haven't done before (Javelin, Shot Put, Discus, High Jump and Long Jump) in a matter of days. They helped me win the Minnesota USATF Junior Olympic Decathlon Meet for 17-18 year olds.  They have also been my primary pole vault coaches in recent years.

Do you follow any college or professional athletes?

Believe it or not, I don't follow a lot of sports or professional athletes. I have a lot of other outside interests, including hunting, fishing and snowmobiling. I think this helps keep track & field and basketball more enjoyable for me. I also study a lot of pole vault videos on YouTube, for technique and form.