Vetter Is Better - An Interview

Photo provided by Jenny Vetter

Personal Records:

Long Jump - 17-7.5

Triple Jump - 35-9

Class AA State 2016 - 4x100 (2nd), Long Jump (12th), Triple Jump (18th) 

What sports did you play in elementary school?

 I was born and raised in Mankato. I've been playing soccer since kindergarten and started basketball in 4th grade.

 What sports do you participate at the varsity level?

 I do soccer and basketball as well as track. All three keep me in great shape all year and I've developed a very strong lower body because of them. I also will be the captain in all three sports for next year!

 What other activities have you participated in at your high school? 

 I have been involved in the Positive Leadership Council (PLC) which takes leaders from each activity and teaches us how to be a good teammate, leader, and role model. I also am in Link Crew which connects upperclassmen to freshmen.

 How did these activities help you for track & field?

 PLC has helped me learn how to keep a positive mindset and also teach me how to be a leader. Our track team is quite young so other veterans and myself have had to step up and take them under our wing. We have to get them through tough situations as well as push them to be better. Every activity I am involved in makes me a better person and athlete.

 You have received how many letters in track & field?  Your coach said you have lettered every year since 7th grade

 Track letters: 5, Soccer letters: 5, Basketball letters: 3. Soccer Awards: 4 time All City winner, Big 9 All conference 2 times and honorable mention 1 time, All State honorable mention 1 time. Track Awards: 2x All Conference, 2x All Conference Honorable Mention, 1xAll State Award, 2x Academic All State.

 Who are your coaches and what do they help you with?  Do they do anything special that has helped you as a person and/or athlete?

 My head coach is Joy Visto and she is always so positive and encouraging and while she doesn't teach me the mechanics of running or jumping she is a great role model.

My sprints coach is Mary Nelson and she helps me with my blocks as well as relay handoffs and is also just a very motivating person. Coach Visto and Nelson also create the line ups for each meet.

 My jumps coach is Billy Visto and he is extremely knowledgeable and technical, I would not be the jumper I am without his help. Both Coach Visto and Nelson were extremely supportive of me this last season especially. I tore my ACL in the fall playing soccer so unfortunately I wasn't able to compete at all this spring but both of them kept me involved with the team and kept me motivated.

 Although these are just the coaches I interact with our whole coaching staff at East is full of wonderful people who are supportive of you, even if you aren't in their event group. My former coach Neil Paarmann is also a huge inspiration to me. Paarmann was my coach 7th and 8th grade and had to resign because he had to focus on battling cancer. He continues to battle illness and his strength and perseverance is awe inspiring. He was an amazing coach and always believed in every single girl on the team. You could always hear him yell for you especially when he was yelling his signature "Let's Go!!"

 How about your family?  Has anyone been a good athlete in the past and served as a role model for you?  Are they often at the meets to cheer you on?

 My family includes my mom, dad, and older sister Lizzy. My mom ran track at MSU so she is a track fanatic! She and my dad come to every meet and game to support me. My grandparents also come to the majority of my meets and games. My older sister also played soccer and I got to play with her on the varsity team for 3 years. She has always been a big role model to me because of her work ethic and her leadership. I am very thankful to have a family that is so supportive and they really mean a lot to me.