Interview With Riley Mcginnity

Riley atop the podium for the girls 1600 for Section 5AA last spring (photo provided by Riley Mcginnity)

How did you first start doing track?

In elementary school my parents signed me up for a Twin Cities fun run race. It was just a mile race, but I ended up winning and really enjoying racing.

What are all your personal records?

This past track season I broke a school record from 32 years ago in the 3200 meters with a 10:59. My 1600 meter record is 5:07.

 Do you do, or have you done, any other sports?

 I played both basketball and soccer all through elementary and middle school, but quit both to focus on running.

 I didn't see you compete in cross country this fall. Why was that?

This past fall I had a stress reaction in my hip so I had to sit out.

 What is your favorite or most memorable competition you've ever been in?

My favorite and most memorable race was this past track season and the 3200 meters at sections. Two other girls and I were all close enough in seeding time that it was going to be a very close race. I really wanted to go to state that year, so I decided to just lay everything out there. I lead the entire race, got over taken in with about 200 meters to go, but got my lead back within the last 100 meters and ended up winning. Not only did this race send me to state like I had hoped, but that is also  when I broke my school record.

 I gather then that your usual strategy isn't to go out hard and lead races like that?

No I never lead races I prefer to sit back and let other people take over until I feel like I should make my move.

 What do you think is your favorite of most effective workout you have ever done?

I like any sort of distance workouts. My favorite workout is probably 800 or mile repeats, they correlate better to a real race situation and if it's a good workout I always gain a lot of confidence.


(Photo provided by Riley Mcginnity)

Who are some of your favorite athletes to compete against?

While I was never anywhere near as good as the Hasz twins (Megan and Bethany) I always loved competing against them and watching them destroy the competition. Maggie Louiselle was another great competitor. We always seemed to be running the same times, so was always there to push me.

 What are your main goals for this upcoming season?

My main goals for this track season are to break the school record in the 1600 and break my own record in the 3200. Of course I want to go to State again, and place better, and I also want to finally break five minutes in the 1600.

 Do you have any college plans yet?

I just recently decided to attend the University of Mary in Bismarck North Dakota. They have a really strong Division II distance program. The school also has a great physical therapy program, which is the degree I intend to pursue.

 Is there anyone at the University of Mary now (or perhaps a fellow senior recruit planning for them) that you are particularly excited to run with next year?

I am really excited to race against Alexi Zeis, she'll be a senior when I am there. In 2015 she was the D2 cross country champion. I'm looking forward to being on a team and running with such a great and competitive athlete.

 Do you have any rituals, routines, or superstitions either on or off the track?

I don't really have any major rituals that I follow, but I do typically have a set warm-up routine that I like to follow.

 When not running in ovals or training to do so, what might we find you doing?

When I'm not running I'm usually working or hanging out with my sister and her three kids. Unfortunately I don't live the most exciting life.

 Tell me one bizarre fact about yourself.

I hate celery and I have been known to tell people I am allergic to it so I don't have to eat something that has celery in it.