In The Mood With Corey Moody

(Photo provided by Corey Moody)

First of all, how did you first get involved with track and field?

I began track and field my tenth grade year. I was encouraged to join by my history teacher Matt Ferry. He is the head track and field coach and also the current record holder in the 800m.

What are all your personal records?

800m: 1:55.49

1600m: 4:31.3

400m: 50.3

5k cc: 16:21

Do you do, or have you done, any other sports?

As a younger kid I participated in sports basketball and football up until the ninth grade. Now I only run cross country and track.

What is your favorite or most memorable competition you've ever been in?

My most favorite/memorable competition is section finals last year. It was raining and there were puddles of water splashing in my face when other runner's spikes hit the track. I started the race in 7th place the first lap, but the second lap I pushed through the pack and found myself beside a Mounds View runner fighting for first place the last 100m. I was able to take first place by less than a second. This is by far one of the hardest races I have ever run.

Other than your own teammates, who are some of your favorite athletes to compete against?

I love competing against Alex Miley, Reed Kurak, and Seth Eliason, because they are other great athletes as well and bring competition.

Who are some people that have been most helpful to you in your athletic career?

My mom is someone who has pushed me to become the best athlete possible. She encourages me at races and also gives me advice. Also Osseo distance coaches Quinn and Rundquist.

What is a challenge you have had to face as an athlete?

A challenge I have faced as an athlete is being able to race without my shoes becoming untied.

(Photo provided by Corey Moody, who's shoes are untied)

Does that happen often? Is there any particular instance when that happened?

My shoes become untied more often than I would like. I even double tie them, but sometimes they still manage to become untied. During the State cross country meet they become untied and I could hear people saying, "Corey your shoes are not tied," but at that point I could not stop to tie them. I guess I have to start triple knotting them...

As a senior, how have your perspectives, strategies, or attitudes changed since you first started running, what advice would you give to younger track or XC athletes?

When I first began running I did not take it as serious as I do now. As I became more experienced I believe in myself more and my ability. Even though I am more experienced though, I still get butterflies in my stomach when it is a big race or against stiff competition. Advice that I would give to younger track or XC athletes is to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. Everything you do today determines your success for tomorrow. 

What are your main goals for this track season?

My main goals are to break the Osseo school 800m record which is a 1:54.5. Also win state in the 800m 

What would it mean to you to break your coach's school record?

It would be exciting to break the record. My teammates and coaches at Osseo are all behind me which makes it more exciting. I know that achieving the record will not be easy, but I have been working really hard during the off season. Breaking the school record would be a big accomplishment.

Do you have any college plans?

I committed to Western Illinois for Track & Field and Cross Country

(Photo provided by Corey Moody)

What were some of the things that attracted you to Western Illinois?

I felt like Western Illinois was the perfect fit for me. I loved the athletes and coaches. While on my visit I felt comfortable and as if it was a home away from home. Also Western Illinois is located in a smaller town called Macomb, Illinois, so everyone there is very supportive of the college's sports teams. Not being too far from Minnesota was another plus. I would be able to have friends and family visit!

Do you have any rituals, routines, or superstitions either on or off the track?
I'm not a very superstitious person.

When not doing anything track-related, what might we find you doing?

You could find me with friends at sporting events or shooting hoops at LA Fitness or LifeTime.

Tell me one bizarre fact about yourself.

I love buying/collecting Jordans and Nikes.