Christian Sterton Heads A Talented Ada-Borup/NCW Squad

Photo provided by Christian Sterton

Christian Sterton of Ada-Borup/Norman County West class of 2019

Personal Records:

1600m - 4:42.34

3200m - 10:33.59

3 Mile (xc) - 16:34.70

5K (xc) - 16:37.00

State XC 2016 - 27th place

State T&F 2017 - 1600m 17th, 3200 16th 

Where were you born and what sports did you play growing up?

I was born in Fargo, ND, I started playing football in 4th grade, and my 6th grade year I joined basketball. I decided to quit basketball after my 10th grade year because it seemed like I was always hurt for track in the spring. This winter I'm going to train for track and strengthen my shins.

How did those sports prepare you for running cross country? Why did you make the decision to be a distance runner?

Playing football from such a young age I think really gave me a hard working mentality. In elementary school we would have track and field day every year and I would always do the shorter distances but in 6th grade I tried the 800 and I was pretty good at it so my 7th grade year when I joined track I told coach I wanted to run the mile and 2 mile on the first day of practice.

What about other family members?  Has anyone been involved in cross country or track & field?

My brother Alex Sterton played golf his 7th grade year, and I didn't think he would ever be a runner, then we convinced him to try track in 8th grade and he was very impressed. He ran the 4x400, 800 and the mile and his times were very fast for an 8th grader. He was going to run xc this fall but decided to play football, he's around 5'11" and 150 so he's built for football and he's having a great season so far.

Kris Sterton, my mom, ran the 800 and mile in high school and was pretty fast. Mike Sterton, my dad, isn't a runner but pole vaulted in high school. My older sister Alivia played softball when she was in high school.

How far is your team's long run? What do you usually do the day after the long run?

The longest distance we will go is 8 miles and then do some lifting after. The day after we would usually go around 4 miles and do strides after.