Lake Conference Showdown Highlights The Day - Thursday Meets

Weather: Mid-60s, partly cloudy


Top Teams: Minnehaha Academy (40), Mounds Park Academy (49), Blake (57)

Top Individuals: Declan Dahlberg (Mounds Park Academy, 15:56), Finn Salveson (Breck, 17:08), Peter Weber (Minnehaha, 17:16), Cole Woerner (Blake, 17:39), Maxwell Gifford (Minnehaha, 17:44)

The Skinny: Declan Dahlberg will likely take the win here, with second through fifth place rather up for grabs between some combination of Minnehaha's top two runners, Tanner Kozen and Matthew Bourne of Mounds Park Academy, and Blake and Breck's top runners (Cole Woerner and Finn Salveson respectively). The team competition will be close. With the return of Maxwell Gifford, MInnehaha receive a boost in their top five, but MPA will be looking to challenge them for the win as these two teams will meet again in section 4A and be in a very close battle between themselves, Trinity, Jordan, and Nova for a team berth at state.


Top Teams: Minnehaha Academy (48), Blake (66), Breck (68)

Top Individuals: Margo Nightingale (Mounds Park Academy, 19:48), Emma Kelly (Providence, 20:02), Flann Enneking-Norton (St. Paul Academy, 20:08), Molly Liston (Blake, 20:09), Grace Kirkpatrick (Minnehaha, 20:15)

The Skinny: Seventh grader Margo Nightingale of Mounds Park Academy comes in as the favorite here by time! She'll have a chance to test her outstanding performances this season against a charging Emma Kelly from Providence. Any combination of runners could follow. Minnehaha's top few runners, Alexandra Koullick and Molly Liston of Blake, and Izzy Quam of Mounds Park will compete for the rest of the top ten individual places. The team story here is fairly set for first place with Minnehaha likely to take the win. A close battle between Blake and Breck will decide second and third place, but Saitn Oaul Academy has a great shot too, as they are coming off a second-place finish at Swain.