Lake Conference Showdown Highlights The Day - Thursday Meets

Location: Gale Woods Farm

Forecast: High of 62, partly cloudy, high humidity


Top Teams: Wayzata (21 points), Edina (63 points), Minnetonka (64 points)

Top Individuals: Grant Price (Wayzata, 15:45), Khalid Hussein (Wayzata, 15:49), Adam Wilkinson (Minnetonka, 15:50), Max Manley (Edina, 15:52), Mitchell Tolander and Blake Buysse (Wayzata, 16:00)

The Skinny: The Lake Conference has consistently proved itself to be Minnesota's deepest and most competitive conference! Nationally ranked (#3) Wayzata will take the win here led by Khalid Hussein and Grant Price. A close battle between Edina and Minnetonka will round out the top three. Battle at the front will be fascinating. Khalid Hussein is returning to form so he is our favorite here. Teammate Grant Price will look to challenge and an impressive season from Adam Wilkinson of Minnetonka could put him in contention. Any combination of Wayzata's 3-7 runners could find a spot in the top five including Mitchell Tolander, Andrew Brandt, and Anders Sonnesyn. Eli Hoeft of Hopkins will be up there as well, searching for a spot in the top five.


Top Teams: Wayzata (35), Minnetonka (52), Edina (53)

Top Individuals: Sophie Whicher (Minnetonka, 17:39), Emily Kompelien (Edina, 18:07), Emma Atkinson (Wayzata, 18:27), Caroline Sassan (Wayzata, 18:27), Liesl Paulsen (Eden Prairie, 18:46)

The Skinny: Nationally ranked #7, Wayzata will comfortably win this one. Minnetonka (nationally ranked 29) are the closest challengers and should have a firm grasp on second place while Edina will take third. Sophie Whicher is ahead of the rest of the field by some distance based on this season's results, but Emily Kompelien will look to crack the 18-minute barrier and give her a challenge. The race for spots 3-10 are more or less up for grabs as a number of girls, including Maria Rickman (Edina), Rhynn Paulsen (Wayzata), Libby Halbmaier (Minnetonka), and Annalise Johnson (Minnetonka), have run in the upper 18-minute, low 19-minute range this year.