Lake Conference Showdown Highlights The Day - Thursday Meets

Weather: Mid-50s cloudy, very humid, moderate winds, good chance of rain in the morning


Top Teams: Cloquet (36 points), Ashland (64), Proctor (68)

Top Individuals: Maury Miller (Ashland, 16:36), Walker Miller (Ashland, 16:38), Aidan Ripp (Cloquet, 17:00), Jacob Gontjes (Marshall School, 17:03), Blaine Bong (Cloquet, 17:17)

The Skinny: Cloquet looks like they will be able to keep the Lake Superior Championship in the state (two of the seven schools are from Wisconsin), as their athletes hold four of the top 8 season bests. Aidan Ripp is coming off a big win in the AA race at Swain, and will also be near the front of this competition too, but the Miller twins from Ashland will be difficult to beat. 


Top Teams: Proctor (29 points), Ashland (66), Cloquet (83)

Top Individuals: Hannah Bettendorf (Proctor, 19:49), Ashlee Siegle (Marshall School, 20:20), Morgan Binsfield (Proctor, 20:27), Lauren Cawcutt (Cloquet, 20:49)

The Skinny: Proctor has been a puzzling team to figure out this year, as their season bests indicate they should dominate this meet, but they have struggled with consistency at times this year. This includes a tenth place finish just achieved at the Swain Invitational (in which Morgan Binsfield was missing), while they have been without Sydney Binsfield most of the season. Still, they are too deep to ignore, and even when they aren't at full strength, they are tough to beat. Hannah Bettendorf is the only athlete in the field who has broken 20 minutes, and is the strong favorite here.