Ten Class A Boys Teams With Shots At Winning In 2018

Minnehaha Academy

In a year where youth seems to rule, Minnehaha Academy is the only team on this list in which both of their top returning runners are seniors (and perhaps just as remarkably, only two other teams have just one senior in their top two), and six of their top seven are at least juniors. While young teams are certainly exciting to think about and watch, there is no denying the effect of mature senior leaders on a team. It couldn't have been easy for Minnehaha to be forced to sit out of last year's State Championships after they finished just six points behind Mounds Park Academy for 2nd place in Section 4A. But with six of their section runners from last year returning, possibly the best depth in Class AA outside of Perham, and riding high off of the remarkable performances of Max Gifford in track, Minnehaha has every reason to feel confident that they will not only make it to State, but place high as well.

Top 2017 Returners

1) Maxwell Gifford 2019 17:06.70
2) John Ferris 2019 17:07.19
3) Peter Shaffer 2020 17:46.25
4) Isaac Laddusaw 2020 17:46.87
5) Trace Chiodo 2020 18:03.47
Average Time: 17:34.10 Total Time: 1:27:50.48 1-5 Split: 56.77
6) Anthony Guarnera 2019 18:07.20
7) Walter Trutna 2021 18:08.60