All-State Cooper Lennox & Emma Fashant Among Today's Racers


Weather: High 70's, cloudy, chance of showers


Virtual Meet Projection: Albert Lea (20), Mankato West (39), Fairmont (70)

Top Individuals: Vidal Moreno (Albert Lea, 16:20), Grant Herfindahl (Albert Lea, 16:47), Jacob Haley (Mankato West, 16:52), Sonny Ortega-roseli (Albert Lea, 16:58), Sam Csizmadia (Mankato West, 17:00)

The Skinny: Vidal Moreno of Albert Lea ended his season early last year but looks to be coming on strong last year. He finished second at the Faribault Invitational (albeit in the JV race) where he was the 31st place finisher in 2017. Moreno won this race last year in what was then a 40 second personal best. He will be leading his team as they also hope to add a solid win to their season. Albert Lea finished second to last (11th) at the Big 9 Conference Championships last year but it looks like they will be climbing much higher in those placings this year. Mankato West was one of the teams that finished well ahead of them in sixth and beat them by 148 points. With a much smaller race today it will be a close match and if Albert Lea grabs the win it will bode well for a season of great improvements.


Virtual Meet ProjectionFairmont (31), Albert Lea (46)

Top Individuals: Laura Thompson (Fairmont, 19:17), Sarah Krumholz (Fairmont, 19:25), 

The Skinny: Fairmont is currently ranked eleventh in Class A and will be challenging Class AA's Albert Lea and a couple Class A rivals (Mankato West is not sending their girls team). On paper, Fairmont has a slight edge, and they have been having a great season where they have grabbed a win and a second place finish behind Luverne (ranked third in Class A) by only 24 points. Fairmont's top runners Laura Thompson and Sarah Krumholz have finished right next to each other at each of their three first races and it would not be surprising if they did the same today, finishing in first and second. 

(written by Emma Benner)