Jordyn Borsch Sprints to Historic Success in 2022


Coming into the 2022 track and field season Maple Grove's Jordyn Borsch had seen some modest success in her first track and field season as a junior. She had a 4th place finish at state in the 400m and owned strong PRs of 12.79, 25.87, and 57.26 in the 100m, 200m, and 400m events.

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While she had strong 2021 results coming into the 2022 track and field season, not many could've dreamt of the season she would turn in this spring.

This spring Borsch sprung out of the starting blocks right away with wins in the 200m and 400m at the Hamline Elite Meet and never looked back. She PR'd across the board in the 100m, 200m 400m; won two state titles in the 100m and 400m; and posted top-ten times all-time in the 100m and 400m. 

See Borsch's PRs, state ranking, national ranking, and all-time state ranking below (wind-legal and FAT only): 

EventTimeMN State Ranking (2022)National Ranking (2022)All-Time MN Ranking

If we look at her numbers across the events all-time for Minnesota girls (in our database, wind-legal and FAT), only two other Minnesota girls track runners compare to her across the three events:


Vanessa Clarida


Maddie Dahlien


Jordyn Borsch


Vanessa Clarida who won ten state titles and graduating senior Maddie Dhalien who won five state titles are the only other girls that can really compare to Borsch across all three events. If we move that down to just the 100m and 200m it looks like this.

With just the 200m and 400m it looks like this:

Honour Finley - Bloomington Kennedy High School24.2353.961:18.19
Vanessa Clarida - Bloomington Kennedy High School23.9354.361:18.29
Jordyn Borsch - Maple Grove High School24.5954.271:18.86
Maddie Dahlien - Edina High School24.3954.761:19.15
Brieasha Hobbs - Cretin-Derham Hall24.4255.081:19.50

By any sprinting metric, Borsch is already among the all-time great sprinters in Minnesota track and field history through her junior year. With her still having a senior season left next spring, who knows how much more state history she can make.