Hey Haland! - An Interview

(Photo provided by Ellie Haland)

Personal Bests:

400:  1:03.95

800:  2:18.25

1600:  5:27.27

3200:  12:28.44

4K:  16:09.67

5K:  19:46.60

 How do you pronounce your last name?  Do you have any nicknames that you like?

 It's funny you asked this; people almost always get it wrong! The first syllable is pronounced like the word hay or hey and the second somewhere in between the words lund and lend. Together, I'd say my name is closest sounding to hay-lend, with the emphasis on the first syllable. I go by Ellie in most cases. My full name is Eleanor, and my English teacher calls me Pippin.

 Who are your coaches and how does each one help you?  Who else inspires you or motivates you?

 Brendan Ruter, Ryan Soule, and Heath Anderson are the coaches of my track and field team. I work most with Brendan and Ryan. They both are great at pushing me to run harder in workouts, helping me set realistic but difficult goals, and providing delicious cookies to our team every now and then.

 "Handerson," is incredible at bridging the gap between the younger and the older sides of our team and brings an element of silliness without getting rid of the hard work.

 A special mention also goes out to Tom Church. He was my cross country, track and field, and Nordic skiing coach from eighth to eleventh grade. His seemingly boundless supply of enthusiasm and his belief in every one of his runners never fails to motivate me.

 Julia Clark has been my teammate, running buddy, and a wonderful friend. She is one of the most determined people I know, and I would not be the person or runner I am today without her.

 What sports did you play when you were younger?  Which ones helped you the most

for the 800 meter run?

 I have Nordic skied since I was two. Other than that and maybe three weeks of soccer when I was tiny, I didn't really play many sports. Nordic skiing though has given me core strength and a joy for the outdoors.

 What sports are you involved in now?

 I am in track, cross country, and nordic skiing.