Breker vs. Scott: Distance Duo Duels Again on Track


Two of Minnesota's top distance talents in Noah Breker and Sam Scott went head-to-head on the track once again to great results at the Osseo Invitational in the 3200m race. In doing so they ran the #1 and #2 3200m times in Minnesota this season with Breker finishing first with a time of 9:05.31 and Scott runner-up with a time of 9:07.74.

This was one of the first times of the season that two of Minnesota's top distance talents have met up this season and boy were the results great! Counting all results and performances in our database (ranking multiple performances by a runner), Breker ran the #27 and Scott the #49 3200m times all-time in Minnesota. 

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And this wasn't even these two's fastest 3200m race together either.

Last year at both the Section 6AAA and State Championships the duo combined for the following performances:


2022 Section 6AAA T&F Championships

Noah Breker9:03.25Sam Scott9:05.17

2022 State T&F Championships

Noah Breker9:04.81Sam Scott9:06.09

Historically these two have combined for some of the fastest 3200m races in state history as seen below. This includes results in our database only and was done by hand, so mistakes could be present. 

Top Combined 3200m Performances (1st + 2nd Place Only)

RankMeetYearRunnerTimeRunnerTimeCombined Time
1State T&F Championships2013Obsa Ali08:57.07Eli Krahn08:58.6717:55.75
2Section 6AA Championships2015Joe Klecker08:54.01Jaret Carpenter09:06.5718:00.58
3State T&F Championships2014Eli Krahn09:00.08Zack Benning09:02.7118:02.79
4State T&F Championships2015Joe Klecker08:57.76Jaret Carpenter09:05.5118:03.27
5State T&F Championships2007Elliott Heath09:02.65Hassan Mead09:03.2918:05.94
6Section 6AAA Championships2022Noah Breker09:03.25Sam Scott09:05.1718:08.42
7Hamline Elite Meet2016Jaret Carpenter08:59.76Jack Manerscheid09:08.6618:08.42
8Hamline Elite Meet2012Josh Thorson09:00.80Brandon Clark09:09.5018:10.30
9Section 4AA Championships2013Eric Colvin09:03.86Wayde Hall09:06.7118:10.57
10State T&F Championships2022Noah Breker09:04.81Sam Scott09:06.0918:10.90
11Section 6AA Championships2016Jaret Carpenter09:05.75Jack Manderscheid09:06.4718:12.22
12Osseo Invitational2023Noah Breker09:05.31Sam Scott09:07.7418:13.05
13State T&F Championships2006Elliott Heath09:05.92Rob Finnerty09:07.9918:13.91
14Hamline Elite Meet2014Joey Duerr09:06.55Keeghan Hurley09:07.6618:14.21
15State T&F Championships2004Garrett Heath09:06.10Justin Grunewald09:08.1618:14.26
16State T&F Championships2005Rob Finnerty09:06.80Mike Krisch09:07.8518:14.65
17State T&F Championships2008Rob Finnerty09:04.88Jordan Carlson09:09.8718:14.75
18Section 6AA Championships2017Seth Eliason09:07.64Zac Miller09:08.4118:16.05
19Suburban East Conference Championships2013Eric Colvin09:07.52Eli Krahn09:08.6418:16.16
20State T&F Championships2018Khalid Hussein09:07.88Max Manley09:08.9018:16.78

There will presumably be three more shots for both Breker and Scott to try and improve on their standing in the top duos for the 3200m going head-to-head and to climb up the all-time 3200m rankings. All-time, Breker currently ranks #6 all-time with his converted 2-mile to 3200m time of 8:51.17 and Scott ranks #9 with his time of 8:57.74.