Ten Class A Boys Teams With Shots At Winning In 2018

Saint James Area

Between the 2016 and 2017 seasons, Saint James made a huge jump from a distant seventh in their own section all the way up to second in the state. Rallying around senior Lukas Pierson, the young team improved steadily and consistently through the season, and they even managed to hold off the then-undefeated Loyola/Cleveland squad who had already beaten them twice earlier in the season. But while they return six from last year, the one athlete they lose is Pierson, a blow that (for the moment) leaves the team without a true low stick. But what they are currently missing in high-end talent, they make up for with a 42-second 1-5 spread, the best of all of Class A's major team contenders. And with two juniors in Troy Parulski and Seth Pierson knocking on the door of 16 minutes, perhaps one (or both) of them will be able to take the leap and run with the best that Perham has to offer.

Top 2017 Returners

1) Seth Pierson 2020 17:02.67
2) Troy Parulski 2020 17:03.50
3) Alex Knickrehm 2019 17:24.60
4) Juan Castaneda 2021 17:37.14
5) Jackson Miest 2020 17:44.40
Average Time: 17:22.46 Total Time: 1:26:52.31 1-5 Split: 41.73
6) Mauricio Vite 2020 17:46.70
7) Austin Knickrehm 2021 18:31.00