Minnesota Adds Immense Talent with In-State Recruits

From left to right: Jakob McCleary, Laubenra Ben, Ramy Ayoub, and Ali Weimer


The University of Minnesota always has had a good track record of getting some of the best in-state recruits to stay home and compete for the maroon and gold. Past prized recruits include Ben Blankenship, Bethany Hasz, Hassan Mead, Gabriele Grunewald, Obsa Ali, and more! But this year's class of in-state recruits might be their best yet.

Let's take a look at who their prized recruits are this year:

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Ali Weimer | Ramy Ayoub | Laubenra Ben | Zoie Dundon | Owen Lindseth |

Jakob McCleary | Isabella Roemer | Finn McCormick | I'Tianna Salaam |

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