It's Championships Galore On Conference Tuesday!

There are very few days in the cross country season that can match the statewide drama and excitement as the day of the State Championships, Griak/Milaca Saturday, or Sections Thursday (on which thirteen of the sixteen section championships are held).

But today is one of those days.

Call it Conference Tuesday if you will, as today will feature over 30 cross country competitions across the state, including twenty-two conference championship meets. Today is also great because it is the final day of cross country competition of the week (and the final day of varsity competition before Sections begin in eight days) thanks to MEA conferences which allow all Minnesota students to take Thursday and Friday off of school (although their teachers will not enjoy that same break). 

We figured that each competition deserved some love, and we wanted to give it to them. As a result, we have previewed every major high school competition taking place in Minnesota today, including all twenty-two conference championships. We hope you all appreciate this labor of love, and we wish good luck to all runners competing today all over the state!