Huge Day Of Racing Consists Of Twenty Meets


Top Individuals: Alec Van Gelder (Mound-Westonka, 17:06), Will Elskamp (Watertown-Mayer, 17:16), Connor Hallaway (GSL, 17:25), Ben Zobel (DC, 17:33), Ben Ammermann (Litchfield, 17:42)

The Skinny: With one week until the Wight County Conference West Championshipsm we get a bit of a sneek preview from half it's teams at this meet, and it appears like it's gonna be a close one. Four schools sit all within 11 points in the virtual meet, and none of them appear to have any head advantage over the other. In a much larger meet in Litchfield last week, Dassel-Cokato beat the scores of both Litchfield and GSL, while GSL had the better score of Westonka, Dassel-Cokato, and Litchfield two weeks ago in Cokato, while Westonka came on top over GSL in early September at Tri-City United. So every team has either lost to or beaten every other team this year. The individual battle is similarly close, as Alec Van Gelder owns the best time, but it is no sure thing for him to win as Will Elskamp and Connor Hallaway have both had solid years, and Ben Ammerman just came back last week for his first race this year.


Virtual Meet Projection: Glencoe-Silver Lake (39), Mound-Westonka (41), Dassel-Cokato (43)

Top Individuals: Laura Sunnorborg (Mound-Westonka, 19:41), Malayh Metcalf (GSL, 20:30), Lydia Niemela (DC, 20:55), Madalyn Lemke (GSL, 21:13), Kristina Anderson (DC, 21:21)

The Skinny: The girls race is just as close as the boys, but this time past meet results may offer more clarity as to who's actually in the lead. GSL has already beaten Westonka and Dassel head-to-head, and hey come in on top in the virtual meet too, though only barely. Laura Sunnorborg, on the other hand, could be considered a pretty strong favorite. She's improved in almost ever race this year, and all but two of her races are faster than the season best of projected runner-up finisher Malayh Metcalf. 

(written by Mark Rice)